Bosch 2608588309 HSS-Co Metal Drill Bit (1/8″)


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Product Details:
– Model: 2608588309
– Precision drill bits that are resistant to heat and wear
– For use in drill stands or in pillar drills
– Suitable for alloyed and non-alloyed steel up to a tensile strength of 1000 N/mm², stainless steel V2A/V4A, cast iron, cast steel, acid and heat-resistant steels
– Shank equal to drill bit diameter, drill bit colour: bronze
– Twist drill bit made of alloyed high speed steel to DIN 338, cobalt content 5%
– Twist drill bit ground from solid metal with excellent surface quality manufactured to special factory standards
– Designed for heavy duty drilling in hardened steel , stainless steel , cast iron and titanium

1 x Bosch 2608588309 HSS-Co Metal Drill Bit (1/8″)


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